Monday Made It

Today I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frollics for the Monday Made It.  I only have 2 projects complexity finished, but 2 is better than 0.
First up is my new desktop caddy.  This used to be a Pampered chef utensil holder.  I actually used it to hold scrapbook supplies, like scissors and pens.  I was going to donate it it to the Goodwill, then had an idea to use it on my desk..  now instead of having lots of little containers to hold all my pens and scissor, I just have 1 and it spins.  

desktop pen holder,
Using some polka dotted ribbon and my Scotch adhesive runner, I transformed this in about 5 minutes. 
desktop caddy
I found this small box at Target for $3.  I made a label and turned it into our class first aid kit.
classroom First Aid Kit
 In it I have bandages, sterile wipes and will be adding some gloves.
Classroom first aid kit
Well that's it for this week.  I have a lot of projects halfway started.  Hopefully I'll have them finished by next week.


Donna said...

That utensil holder is perfect for teacher supplies! Love how you decorated with the ribbon!
Learning at the Teacher Table

Kelli said...

I did the same thing earlier this summer with the Pampered Chef utensil holder! Except I didn't know what its original purpose was! Ha! I found it being thrown out by another teacher and grabbed it! I'm so excited for it! I love your simple decorated version!
Tales of a Tenacious Teacher

ES said...

Love the First Aide label! Super cute! May need to do this at home.

My Bright Blue House

Carrie Dawley said...

I like the First Aid Kit idea! I hadn't thought of actually putting it all in a box. Mine is currently half in a backpack and half in a cabinet. I may see what I can find as far as small containers!

I've only been home from "vacation" (if you can call a trip to visit family a vacation haha), so I didn't get much done in the way of preparing for school. I did procrastinate on my homework long enough to make a new sign for my classroom library, though. :)

Looking forward to seeing what else you have come up with!

My Monday Made It
Make Time for Glitter!

Theresa said...

I just ordered another Pampered Chef holder to be used specifically on my desk! =D

Unknown said...

LOVE the First Aid kit!! I just picked up one of those boxes from Target last week, knowing I could use it for SOMETHING! What a great idea! Thanks!!

Jamie =)

Unknown said...

Can you possibly share the first aid label?

Tiffani said...

Dona Gil. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter. It will be included in that.

Creative Undertakings said...

Love that! I love how teachers find other uses for everything :D

Anisa @ Creative Undertakings