Top Teacher Finds at Target

A few weeks ago I found a few great items at the Target Dollar Spot.  This time of year they always have fabulous teacher must haves.  Of course there are plenty of things there I don't need, but you get caught up in the moment. The next thing you know you have $30 of stuff and you have only just walked through the Target doors. You also know that if you don't grab it right then, it won't be there the new next time 

I found this cute message board, and  a few sets of lacing shapes, and a mini paper looking dry erase banner.  The shape will be great for the first few weeks of school.  My K-kids can learn shapes while working on fine motor skills.  not sure what I'll do with the banner, but I had to have it.
back to school target finds
 On my next trip to Target I found the red bins with chalkboard labels, a set of chalkboard labels, the strip with clips, some pointers, the polka dot organizer and the small black storage case.
For the Monday made it, I shared how I transformed the case into a first aid kit.  If you want to see more- just click the picture below to go to that post.
Alright- back to the other things I bought.  The bins will be used to hold each days planning materials.   I had to go to a different Target to find the 5th bin.  The pointers are great. I have large collection of pointers already, but these are small and well, they were only a $1. The labels, well, they were a $1.  I'll add them to a container or something. The board with clips, I'm not sure how I'm going to use that.  I have this information board outside my classroom that I need to transform. The wind is always blowing my papers away.  I thought I could add the strip with clips to it.  This was an old rolling big book stand, but now it is my parent information board.
parent board, parent helper box
Last up is the polka dotted organizer.  this will hang in my closet.  I stopped at the Dollar Store and grabbed a few items to add to it.  Here I have a mini sewing kit- that actually came from a hotel.  I have hairspray Aleve, toothbrush and paste, hairspray and a few other items.  I also have my favorite cold and hot patches.  These things are amazing.  Bending over tables all day long and sitting in tiny chairs can be terrible for your back.  Sometimes You just move the wrong way and OUCH!.  These things are amazing.  I can stick one on my lower back and be on my merry way.  I have bursitus in my shoulder, so i often sleep with one of these.  When I wake up the pain in my shoulder is gone and I'm good as new. 
teacher medical organizer

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