End of the Year Awards

end of the year award certificates Do you do end of the year awards?  Every year I  present my students with an award that is specifically chosen just for them.  Every child is good at something and they should be recognized for it.  I think about student and how they have grown from that first day of school way back in August until now, the end of May.  That child who never gives up, the one who completes all their work and is willing to redo something because they did it wrong the first time- that child has perseverance.  They deserve the award for Perseverance.  Then there are those who automatically jump in to help, they aren't hoping for a clip-up or a recognition, their willingness to help automatically is just who they are.  They receive the Teacher Helper award.

During the last week of school we have our awards day in our classroom.  As I announce each name the class claps for that child as they come up to shake my hand and receive their award.  I acknowledge each student as to why they are receiving their specific award.  I think it is really important to tell the student why I picked them for the award.  It also tells the other students the characteristics of what I consider to be award worthy.

This year I decided to change up my basic awards and finally created some fun end of the year awards to use in my classroom.  I made two versions one set is in color, the other set can be printed on color paper.
end of the year award certificates

end of the year award certificates
end of the year award certificates

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Maryann said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas. I always look forward to see your ideas and how you use them in the classroom. A couple of questions for you about your homework - when do you start sending it home and how is your response? I have ESl students and not sure how or when I would be able to get it translated for them. It looks like it is pretty easy to start and distribute. Again, thanks for the great ideas.

Tiffani said...

Hi Maryann, thank you for your kind words. I start sending homework home after Back to School Night which is usually the 2nd or 3rd week of school. I like to explain it first to the parents. The majority of my students come from homes that English is their 2nd language. My homework is simple enough that the parents don't usually have an issue with it. However, when they do, I make sure to explain it to them and their child. I have a 95% rate of return homework. I don't send packets. I send homework nightly to get my students in a routine of doing it daily. I hope this answers your questions. Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of further help.