Chalk It Up! Decorating Your Classroom With CTP

Creative Teaching Press is having a 50th Anniversary Celebration.  For 50 years they have been helping teachers create, decorate and inspire students to learn.  Luella Connelly, a veteran teacher, created the company out of her desire to share her fun and creative ideas for effective teaching with other teachers. This family owned business fron the beginning has helped teachers to create positive learning environments for their students. To celebrate their 50 years of excellent products for teachers, they have launched some amazing new products. I am so excited to be able to share my new favorite products with you.

I am in Love with the new Chalk It Up! collection, have you seen it?  It has that old fashioned school house feel with a modern day twist. I was fortunate enough to see it when I was in Atlanta at the Ed Market Expo.  I couldn't wait to get my hands on this new collection of classroom décor.  

My current classroom theme is black and white with some touches of red.  I'm not ready to change my classroom décor just yet, but I am ready to add some new classroom decorations to my existing bulletin boards and décor.

I will be adding the Chalk It Up! Dots on Chalkboard! Poppy Red Border to my calendar wall.  The border I have currently has seen better days.  I love how these red dots give it just the right pop of color.

Creative Teaching Press, CTP, Bulletin Board Border Chalk It Up! Collection
Creative Teaching Press, CTP, Bulletin Board Border Chalk It Up! Collection
It will look great on the bulletin board where I hang student work.  I like that it is subtle and won't detract from the amazing work my students will do.  I will be using these Chalkboard 4" Designer Letters to create a title above the board. I'm thinking about labeling it "Chalk It Up to Good Work!"
classroom decor, bulletin board letters, chalkboard letters
I also have these Chalk It Up! Calendar Days.  My first thought was to use them for my calendar,  but why use them for what they were intended for.  I like to be creative and put my DIY classroom skills to good use. Instead I will stick them to the floor using clear contact paper to create a number line around the classroom.  I use a number line in my classroom for students to stand on when we line up and for various math activities. These numbers are just what I need to create my number line.  I just might need to buy another set of calendar numbers to use on my calendar.  If you want to keep your theme consistent, here are a few more ideas for using these versatile Chalk It Up! Calendar Days.
  • label cubbies or coat hooks 
  • create a number line along the wall
  • number student folders
  • attach to large popsicle sticks to create a student call-on system

Calendar numbers, chalkboard design, classroom decor, black and white calendar numbers
I have a long hallway that is in need of some new bulletin boards.  I really like the positive and powerful messages from the Chalk It Up! Inspire U Posters.  There are so many to choose from, but I have narrowed it down to my four favorite stylish posters.  I think they will add a lot of charm to our classroom entrance.

Chalk It Up! Inspire U Poster, THINK, classroom poster, classroom decor

Chalk It Up! Inspire U Poster, classroom poster, classroom decor, bully prevention

halk It Up! Inspire U Poster, motivational, classroom poster, classroom decor

Chalk It Up! Inspire U Poster, Integrity, classroom poster, classroom decor

These Chalk It Up! Chart Cards are adorable!!!  They are so versatile and can be used for almost anything.  I plan house them to make new table signs and label the supply and book boxes for each table.  The variety of shapes and sizes makes them easy to adapt to whatever I need them for.  Being that I hang my table signs, I will adhere two together with a ribbon between them for easy hanging.  I can use the Chalkboard 4" Designer Letters to number them.
chalkboard cards, Creative Teaching Press, chart cards, classroom decor
The last of my new classroom décor items are these Chalk It Up! Chalkboard Labels.  I will be using these to label cubbies.  I laminate a piece of construction paper with a label for names.  The laminated piece keeps the cubbies clean and helps if there are lunch box leaks.  I can already envision my cubbies with these cute chalkboard labels mounted to red construction paper and their names written in chalk pen. 
classroom labels, chalkboard labels, Creative Teaching Press, Classroom supplies
Of course i can't begin the school year without a new Chalk It Up! Lesson Plan Book. 
teacher plan book, Chalk It Up!, creative teaching press, lesson plan book
If you love this Chalk It Up! collection as much as I do, you can enter to win a $50 gift certificate to Creative Teaching Press

Want to see what my blogger friend Jennifer over at Herding Kats in Kindergarten is going to do with items form the Painted Palette Collection.  She is also giving away $50 to Creative Teaching Press.

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