The Teachers Pay Teachers Sale

If you haven't already heard TpT is having a sale today.  BUT you must use the promo code HEROES to get the full 28%.  I have forgotten once before and won't ever make that mistake again.   If you haven't left feedback on products you have purchased make sure you do.   Each time you leave feedback you receive credit points that can be used towards purchases.

If you are wondering what might be new in my tore just look below.
Sight Word Work Bundle 1 & 2.  Best deal I have it is packed full of all six sets and a great discount too.
sight word work for kindergarten
If you have had your eye on my Monthly NO PREP packs.  Here it is in a bundle
NO PREP packs for kindergarten
Math is Fun bundle give you all three of my math series
Math for kindergarten

I'm currently working on a few posts to tell you about my RCA experience and my trip to Atlanta.  I will say it was AMAZING and the time change from East coast to West coast has made me a little fuzzy as to what day or time it is.  Have a grew t rest of the week.

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