EDexpo 2015 The Top 10 Teacher Blogger Products

When EdMarket invited me to be a part of the EDexpo2015 I was really excited.  I was one of fifty bloggers invited to attend the EDexpo2015 in Atlanta Georgia.  Our task was to visit all the vendors booths looking for the products we felt were the best for education. After visiting all the booths, playing with the products and talking to the vendors, we each had to choose 10 educational items we felt were the best.  Our recommendations were taken, tallied and revealed. I was pleasantly pleased to find that several of my top ten were chosen as the Blogger Top Ten. 
EdMarket, Edexpo
EDmarket 2015 Blogger Top Ten

Touchtronic Numbers and Letters by Junior Learning
This list reflects a wide range of teacher bloggers choices.  I will be posting my top 10 favorites in a few days.  Can you guess which ones on this list made it onto my list?
If you see something on this list that you just have to have.  PLEASE visit the Edmarket page to find a local or on-line retailer.

This was an amazing opportunity. I saw so many products the I had never heard of before.  I now have a large list of must-haves for my classroom. The best part was being able to play with these products, to be able to ask the sellers questions about their products and be able to give feedback or suggestions to the creators.

Make sure you visit the websites for each product posted to learn more, and be sure to choose a vendor from EDmarketdealer.com when you decide to make a purchase.


Lori said...

You must have had a fabulous time playing with and learning about all these great products! I loved seeing all these!
Conversations in Literacy

Jayne Gammons said...

Great post and pictures. I'll come back to see which ones made it onto your own list! Smiles, Jayne
Smart Kids

Christer said...

That Touchtronics product looks amazing! I also liked the Busy Fingers product. The empty number line looked great as well! I know you had a fun. First RCA, then the Expo? What a week!! :-)