What a Kindergarten Teacher Does on a Four Day Weekend

This is a short week for us.  We are having a four day weekend on account of Veteran;s Day being a Tuesday this year.  Having these four days has been such a blessing.  My daughter came home for the weekend.  Which means some quality mom and daughter time.
So far this weekend,
I've given back to the economy- 

Yes, I do need another pair of black boots
Tights, black boots and a cardigan will make this perfect for the fall months.

Leggings and black boots and I'll have another comfy fall outfit.

Now you see why i needed those black boots.  Funny thing is they were the first thing I bought.  The rest just happened to go with the boots

I can't share all i bought- some of it is for Christmas.

I've had time to plan for a few upcoming lessons on Long Ago and Today.  
long ago and today, past and present, kindergarten historylong ago and today, past and present, kindergarten history
long ago and today, past and present, kindergarten history

I went Bowling with friends and family.

My daughter and I watched The Fault in Our Stars

Drum Roll Please…..
I re-learned how to use these tools.
I forgot how laborious housecleaning can be.  

I still have one more day left.  Unfortunately we will begin it by attending a memorial service.  After that, I intend to just be lazy, maybe rent another movie and just spend time with my family.

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Leslie said...

Love your dress from Ross! Your housekeeping comment made me laugh. Hope you got a little rest in there too.