November News

Yikes, I have been MIA- It happens every November for me, I get the crud.  It started last week with laryngitis and moved to a severe cold, the kind that needs Nyquil.  Last week was such a busy week, that I couldn't be absent.  I had pumpkins to explore and Halloween to prep for.  I finally got my writing center up and running and wish I had a picture to share of the writing we did.  I did remember to take a picture of the writing center.  The kids loved having the cards to refer to and it was great way to introduce some vocabulary to my English Language Learners.  Novembers, is ringing as I type… I'll get it posted to TpT soon I promise.  If you bought my October center, I'd love some feedback.  You can always email me if you prefer not to leave your comments here or on TpT.
October writing center, kindergarten writing

Halloween day it rained of course and the kids were all too excited to really focus on learning. However, we made the best of it and I made it trough the day having our parade and noontime carnival.  I think it was the power of my tutu and cape that helped me persevere.

Teacher Superhero Costumes
We are a K-2 school so fun had to had by all!!! 
I designed the shirts and we got together for a night of tutu making.  
The kids loved see us. all dressed up
Teacher Superhero Costumes
Our high school marching band comes every year and performs.  This year was sensational.  No wonder they will be playing at Carnegie Hall in March 2015.  I am proud to say that some of these great musicians are former students.

By the time Friday night Halloween Night rolled around, I could be found on the couch with blankets, a pillow, the remote and a bag of cough drops.  i was MISERABLE.  I stayed there for the weekend watching Hallmark Christmas movies in between coughing spasms and mini naps.  

 I knew Sunday night that I needed one more day of rest.  We use a computerized sub system.  There was a glyph in the system and I didn't get a sub for Monday.  I called our secretary who was able to fix it.  I mean, who would want too work those hours.
THANKFULLY!!! I work with some amazing people who all jumped in and stayed with my kids following my plans and keeping my kids on track.  I had the Title 1 Teacher, the Resource Specialist and the reading/PE Teacher all take my kids.  After lunch a co-worker noticed my class waiting to be picked up, so she took them to her room with her 20 kids until someone else could take them.  We have a shortage of subs in our district  as well.  This isn't the first time we have had to do the sub-shuffle.

I asked the other day on my Facebook page about substitute shortages, it seems to be an epidemic nation wide.  I remember when getting a sub was so easy, there were always several qualified people to choose from.  Now, it it sometimes frightening to let it fall to the system if I haven't been able to pre-arrange it.

I did manage Sunday, to finish a few projects that I have been working on.
number fluency, number recognition kindergarten. KCC

November centers, thanksgiving in kindergarten, turkey centers

I have more to share, but I'm trying to make a better effort of spending time with my husband and our dogs. I had some quality time with my son earlier over  an In and Out Burger- he's 18 years old, so any time with him is quality these days, even if it is just eating burgers together.  I also have some much needed laundry to do.  Not even my cape and tutu can help me get through that- although if I don't do laundry all I'll have to wear is a cape and tutu.

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