Bright Ideas-Printer Tricks and Tips

I am a printer hoarder; I currently have 3 printers sitting in my home office.  My newest printer is by far the best for printing in color.  My other two are good, but old and ink consuming.  I kept them as a back-up-  really because I don't know what else to do with them .

Over the years I have become quote the expert when it comes to printing  I love printing on construction paper.  It is easier to come by then colored card stock- just walk to my school's paper closet.  Construction paper comes in three basic sizes, is 9x12, 12x18 or 18x24.  No, I don't have a wide format printer, but I do own a paper cutter.  All I do is trim my paper to 8.5" wide and voila!!! it fits into my printer by-pass tray.

You might be wondering what I do with this new found paper.  Lately, I've been printing my pocket chart poems on it.

So, for those of us who are visual learners, here are the pictures I took along the way to show you how quick and simple it really is.
I make a file the length and width of my paper.
Next, I insert a table 8.25"x13.5".  
Then I pick the font and text size to use for my sentence strips.
For this poem I used KG Miss Kindergarten font size 96.

Have you ever wanted to shrink the pages of a file?  I have lots of files that the cards are too big to fit in a pocket chart.  By reducing the file when I print, I can save paper, ink and have smaller cards.
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Stefanie Galvin said...

Very handy tips! Thanks for sharing!

Miss Galvin Learns

Elizabeth said...

I love this tip! Thanks for sharing how to use the longer paper (since we seem to have that in abundance). :)