Summer Vacation is Finally Here

I have just finished my first official week of summer vacation.  I am sleeping in, catching up on TV shows, going to the gym, cleaning and organizing my closets and napping.  It didn't take this girl long to figure out how to DO summer vacation.

I truly needed this break.  I have been on the whirlwind tour of graduations, parties and endless end of the year activities.

My daughter graduated from the junior college in December but walked in the May ceremonies with her A.A. in criminal justice.
Last week my son graduated from high school.
He and his posse decorated their hats as Marvel Comics characters.  I love that he was the Hulk, even though he is the tallest and skinniest kid in his group.
graduation caps, superheo
On Monday I hosted a retirement party for a co-worker and friend.
These are two of the gifts I made for her.
retirement gift, subway art
retirement gift, subway art
On Wednesday I went back to school to clean up for the summer cleaning crew and bring home a few things to work on. Does this look familiar? I want to go through each box and make sure all the pieces for each center are there and replace/remake what is missing.
center tubs, organizing centers
Tomorrow my baby sister is getting married.  It will be one big family reunion.  I can wait to see the rest of my family. This was taken in 2010 I think it was the last time we were all together.
Now that this week is almost over, I'm already thinking about next weeks agenda.  It will be all about working on blog posts, updating some TpT products and finishing all the unfinished projects I have started.  Who knows I may even find time to read an adult book.  I can't remember the last time I read a book just for the fun of it.  


KoalaKinders said...

Hi Tiffany,
I love your retirement word art! Is there any chance you could put it in your TpT store? We have 6 teachers retiring in May and these would make wonderful gifts!

Thanks so much!

Janet Black aka
The KoalaKdgTeacher

Shannon said...

I am with Tiffany! I am looking for something special for my retiring teaching partner.