Velcro: A Friendly Teacher Tool

How to use velcro in a classroomVelcro is a teachers best friend.  When I first started teaching and was unable to bend over and tie shoes due to my very pregnant belly- I told all the kids they should get velcro shoes.  Luckily a few parents thought it was a great idea and it saved my back.  Now, I use it for all sorts of things. Lately, I've been using it to hang pocket charts around my classroom.  If you are short on wall space, find other surfaces like a cupboard or the backside of a bookcase.  Are your walls made of brick? Try attaching things to the wall using Velcro.

I buy the sticky back kind from the local fabric store.  It is super sticky and very strong.  My classroom doesn't have a lot of usable wall space, so I need to be creative at times. This is our small pocket chart from the Target Dollar Spot.  It holds our snack/lunch scan cards.
TIP: I put the kids sticky photo pictures we get from picture day on the backside of their card.  Now the kids just go to the chart and find their card without having to look for their name.
Velcro pocket charts to cupboards or walls

This is our Classroom Jobs Chart:  It is on the cupboard by my calendar wall.  there wasn't enough room on the wall so the cupboard was the next closest spot.
Velcro pocket charts to cupboards or walls

Other Ideas for Velcro
  • Attach sight words to word wall- use felt on the word wall
  • Attach labels to book baskets
  • Attach name tags to desks, cubbies or coathooks 
  • Attach to bottom of containers to keep in place
  • Attach fabric to make a curtain around tables, counters, shelf or AV carts
These are just some of the ways I've used Velcro in my room- How do you use it?

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Unknown said...

I velcro student nameplates to the tables. Makes it super easy to change seats. Also great for when the kids are working in small groups in different places in the classroom - they just take their name tag with them.