Storage Made Simple

Hello, I'm Tiffani and I'm a storage container junkie.  You name the container, I probably own it, or have used it in the past.  On my last trip to Target, I found these.  Aren't they adorable? They had three sizes so I had to get 1 of each.
Chevron expand-a-files from the Target Dollar Sport.

So, now you might want to know what I intend on using these for.

  • The medium sized one is holding my receipts for work related expenses.  There is a pocket for each month.
  • The small pink folder is holding sight word flash cards I use with my class.
  • The large folder I'm using to separate some of my games and their pieces.

I have several of the small types in solid blue and purple left over from my scrapbooking days.  I had bought them to sort and hold photos.  Rather than tossing them out I took them to school and use them to sort and store flash cards and small card games.
Center & Game Storage
I have tried several different ways over the years to sort and store my centers.  BUT as my centers grew, I found a simple manila envelope or a file folder just wouldn't work.  Now, I use the Large  Sterilite Clip Containers.  (I hope this is the FINAL method).  These are the same containers that I use for my Math and Literacy Work Stations.  I LOVE these. containers.  They are sturdy, stackable and kid friendly.  When I ordered these from Target they were supposed to be clear with green handles I'm so happy that they weren't.  I love these.

I separated out my centers by the month that I wanted to use them.  Most of my centers are thematic.  For those that could be used anytime-meaning they didn't have a specific theme like gingerbread men or hearts- I stored those in the plastic envelopes and expandable file folders.  Within in container I have each specify center either in plastic baggies or clipped together.
monthly center storage.
These are the boxes.  I also have them with red handles and black handles.  They come in a box of 6 for under $24. 00  Click image to see at Target.  I should really be getting a commission on these, I have convinced so many people to buy them.

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