There is Light at the End of the Tunnel

The end of the semester is tomorrow, then next week will be a mad dash to finish all of my assessments.  Come 3:00 Friday the 22nd I will officially be on Thanksgiving break until December 2nd.  Count them- 9 glorious days of sleeping in and drinking coffee while I peruse Pinterest, Facebook and blogs.

So what are we doing between assessments- well, we are playing games.  My kids are obsessed with my Where's the Pilgrim and Hide the Pie games.  They love taking turns being the one to hide the pilgrim or the pie and having the others guess where it is hiding.

Being that they must know 12 sight words by now, I thought it would great to play games using these words.  SO far, so good.  The kids I tested today knew the words.  with was the one that gave them some trouble, but in all fairness they have only had three days exposure to it.

To help them get ready for the assessments, we have been using our math tubs in the afternoon. They think they are getting choice time.  I know they are getting more practice with counting, patterning and sorting.  I'm using my Turkey Time Math Centers
Next week we will be making some festive crafts, reading about Thanksgiving and I will be thankful that there is a light at the end of my tunnel.  Even if the light is coming from my oven as I watch my pumpkin pies bake.

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