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I'm linking up with with Hope King From 2nd Grade Shenanigans with her Take Me Back Tuesday!

I'm getting ready for December and the winter months. I'm also enjoying the peace and quiet at home.  My husband is working, my son has had basketball practice and my daughter has had work and school.  Today I am catching up with an old friend.  Even though we live 3 miles from each other, our busy family lives keep us from getting together.  So today we are heading out to Starbucks, then off to do some retail therapy. I'm putting off report cards and going into work, just a little bit longer.  
I took advantage of my quiet time and made a few new items to use when we return next week.
I'm working on this and hope to have it up later today
And now for a blast from the past!
-------------------------------------ORIGINALLY POSTED 01-08-12-----------------------------------

Last week we started our new Winter Themed Math Centers to go along with our Snow theme.  The other day I shared my Snowy Day pictures.  The kids are still talking about them and want to paint again with our "Special Snow"  The centers we are using all focus on counting, number recognition, one-to one correspondence and measurement.  Here are few pictures to show you just how much fun we are having. 

 I had to tell the kids that these weren't real marshmallow's that they were math counters that looked at felt like marshmallows.  I left a few of these sit out to harden up.  So far no one has tried to eat them.

This is from Crazy for Cocoa

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