Black Friday

Here it is Black Friday and I'm not out with all the crazy shoppers. I went last night with my daughter.  After our Thanksgiving meal and dinner dishes were done, we headed over to Walmart.  There were no lines and everyone was so polite.  We were in and out in 30 minutes.  Then it was Target and Macy's,  what did we get? Nothing big like a 50" TV, instead we bought housewares; crockpot, blender, iron and some Rubbermaid.  My daughter is heading off to college at the end of January and she will need the basics.  However while we were at Macy's I did do some shopping for me.  I found some cute Micahel Kohrs jeans and an INC Sweater.Today I will be doing some Black Friday online shopping.  In honor of Black Friday, I have put my entire store on sale.  No need to wait for Cyber Monday.

I finally finished this and it is on sale.
Do you participate in Black Friday, If so, did you get some great deals, tell me all about it.

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