Working Overtime!

Being a full-time teacher and a mom has me working overtime! It feels like October is racing by and before I know it I will be squeezing into my Halloween Costume- Yes we dress up and have a parade.  I'm hoping I can still fit into my Cinderella costume- everyone deserves to be a princess once in a while.  Last year, my two BFFs and I were ladybugs, but this past summer, they were transferred to our other school site, so this year I could be the Grouchy Lady bug all by my lonesome or put on a happy face and be Cinderella.

My life has been crazy busy with my family.  My daughter was accepted to Chico state for the Spring semester.We are working on finding her a place to live, and a reliable car that can bring her home once in a while.  My son is a senior this year.  He keeps me busy with all of his soccer games.  Tonight was Senior Night and tomorrow is homecoming.  Tomorrow we are hosting dinner for my son, his girlfriend and his three friends, their dates and some of their family.  It will be a huge gathering.  Thank goodness all I have to do is clean and decorate.  My husband will be doing ALL the cooking.

Here is a picture of my AMAZING son from tonights game.
I'm thinking this one could be our Christmas card. I love my daughter's smile.  I'm going to miss her when she moves.
Here's a little something I managed to finish this week.

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