I Have Who Has Math Games Review

My kids love playing I Have, Who Has games.  When EIA Education contacted me and asked me to review their game set, I was thrilled.  Usually I make my own sets, but these sets are cute, fun and already made for me.   I introduced the game to my entire class, walking them step-by-step on how to play.  The pictures on the cards made participating accessible to all of my students.  Once my class knew what to do, I put them in small groups to play the different games.  Each box contains 6-color coded game sets.

When they finished they exchanged cards with a neighbor and played again until game-time was over.  These cards are self checking- as each card is read they are placed face down side-by-side notice the small shapes made.  This tells the kids their answer is correct.
These games are great for small groups and easy enough for struggling students to play along.  They also are geared for Common Core. The only drawback is that there are only 6 playing cards per set.  This means only 6 or fewer students can play.  However, being that there are 6 games in a box, multiple games can be playing in your classroom at one time.  Be sure to visit EIA's website, they have so many great products.

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Kindergarten is such a fun year for writing and reading progress. I wish I would have saved more samples from my years of teaching over the years as each kid has such a unique style!

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