Time 4 a Teacher Notebook Sale and Tablet Giveaway

In honor of Martin Luther King Day I'm throwing a sale at Teacher's Notebook.   I started selling my products over there first.  Although they aren't as big as Teacher's Pay Teachers, they do have some great items and they don't keep any of the money for themselves. While you are there, make sure to enter their Tablet Giveaway.One lucky winner will have their choice of an iPad-min, HD Nook or Kindle Fire.  PLUS, if the winner comes from my blog- I get one too.  Come back here daily to enter from my blog.  


School Sparks Renee said...

Thanks and I'll check it out! Just found out about Teacher Notebook!

Unknown said...

Every one is turning the new and brand new laptops and tablet pc in Pakistan for the great environment during entertainemnt