Pumpkins, Pumpkins Oh My

It's all about the pumpkin.  This past week we have been immersed in pumpkins.  I asked for some donations and ended up with enough pumpkins to put the kids in pairs to share.  We got gooey and messy pulling out the seeds, we counted the seeds and then roasted them.  We also predicted if the pumpkins would sink or float and estimated their circumference. Currently we are watching our pumpkin grow a pumpkin.  We tossed some dirt into a pumpkin, leaving all of its seeds and pulp.  After a week, it started sprouting.
a pumpkin in a pumpkin

Everything we did last week had a pumpkin theme to it.  For math, we used my Fabulous Fall Math Centers and a few items from my Halloween Spooktacular Math and Literacy Centers.

From What Number Comes Next 0-20

I also used this from  A Monster-ous Unit from Mrs. Hoffer's Spot

Mrs. Hoffer's Spot
We finished the week with a great art project that was math related.  We made a pumpkin glyph using the unit from Miss Kindergarten



Miss Kindergarten said...

They turned out super cute! Glad your kiddos could use them :)

Jennifer @ Simply Kinder said...

How exciting that your pumpkin sprouted!!! I am still on maternity leave... 2 more weeks off for me! I have to admit that I am missing all the fun pumpkin activities. Probably my favorite time of year!

Simply Kinder

Tiffani said...

I was so surprised that it sprouted as it was starting to rot as well
Thanks for stopping by Jennifer and HAdar

Clip Art by Carrie Teaching First said...

Just saw your Halloween games on TPT and checked out your blog. The clip art looks great. I appreciate your purchase and LOVE seeing my art out there! We are now following you!

Carrie at C&C Teach First

Tiffani said...

Thanks Carrie and Christine- I love using your graphics on my products. In fact I just bought a few more sets the other day.