Kindergarten Common Core

Has your district started to implement the Common Core?  We aren't 100% there yet, but we are moving towards it.  I was so excited to see that people are already creating curriculum to help teachers meet the common core standards.  As a kindergarten teacher, I know that I am the foundation. After reviewing the Kindergarten Common Core standards I knew I'd need a few things to give me a jump-start.  After reviewing the sample pages from this book, I was so excited.  It doesn't look like boring teacher textbooks or even a plain old resource books  It is a 600 page, whimsical and friendly looking book full of worksheets, posters and much more.  I can't wait to get my hands on this.


Unknown said...

Thanks for your awesome blog post! Teachers, check out the Kindergarten Common Core Worksheets!

Brittany Weidlich said...

Did they send you this to download once you posted this on your blog? I was just wondering because they never sent it to me.

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