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I'm super busy right now with school starting, my work with and today was my son's first high school soccer game of the season.  The soccer game was a huge deal.  My son's school hasn't had a sports program in 5 years.  Thanks to a new principal, my husband and a few other parents, our Tech High Titans now can be athletes.  Being that my husband is the coach and my daughter is an assistant coach, I have to attend games twice a week.  All of this is keeping me busy and keeping me from blogging.  So, with the help of a few blogging buddies, I'm featuring fellow bloggers as guest poster for the next few days.  Today we're taking a field trip over to Mary's blog, Sharing Kindergarten.  She has a great post about the phonic's program she uses.  Thanks Mary!

Sharing Kindergarten

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S.D said...

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