Counting 1-5

I have some little friends in my classroom who are really struggling with learning their numbers.  This is   a quick assessment I will be giving them on Monday to see who has made progress. I find that quick independent activities often lend themselves to assessments.  My students who finish early, always seem to be the ones who know their numbers or letters.  The ones who are always last or just don't finish are the ones who have no concept of letters or numbers.  You can get yours at my TpT store.
My question for all of you today, is what do you do with the kids who never finish their work?  Please share your tips and ideas with me.


Sarah said...

During our literacy center time one of our centers is the "ketchup" center. Each kiddo has to visit that center once a week, so it gives them a little more time to finish up. Anything that isn't finished at the end of their "ketchup" time I then staple together with a note and send it home for them to work on. The kiddos that don't have any "ketchup" work can pick a fun activity so it is motivating to not have ketchup work. Hope that helps!


Clearly Kindergarten

Comptonhouse said...

I would love to know what everyone does with the ones who never finish. The ones who do not finish in my class could if they would. I seem to have some this year who just do not care, and you can tell they have never had to.

RainbowsWithinReach said...

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Tracy said...

Are they not finishing because they're goofing around or because they are just slow workers? I have a "slow bunny" who does high quality work. I let her take her time. If they don't finish because they're messing around, then they are "invited" to finish their work at recess. That's pretty motivational.