A Day in My Shoes

I'm teaming up with TBA for International Blog Hopping Day.
Today I'm sharing what my day looks like

Ruby Red Slippers

My typical school day is as follows.
5:45 Alarm, shower
6:00 Grab coffee and head back upstairs for hair and make-up
6:30 Grab bowl of cereal & then it is Computer time, read emails, Check out TBA, blog hop
7:00 Pack lunch- pour coffee for work
7:05 Get dressed, jewelry, shoes, jacket, sunglasses,, purse, keys, bag
7:20 Leave for work
7:30 My daughter drops me off at school, then she head off to school
this is my time to do any last minute prep, chat with coworkers, make copies
8:15-9:30 1/2 the class (16 kids) for math and language arts centers, phonics instruction, writing, handwriting (Fridays we have choice time)
9:30 Snack Recess
10:00-10:30 Late group arrive... Calendar, weather, pledge, attendance, story 10:30-11:45  whole class work time-in one of the following, science, social studies, 2nd step, art, more math and language arts.
11:45 Late group goes to lunch- early group gets ready to go home- complete chaos
12:00-12:45 My lunch time
12:45-2:00 Repeat of what the early group did
2:00-3:15 Teacher prep and planning time.
     I usually stay till 4:00- sometimes I am  super productive if I can close my door and work, but usually colleagues find me, borrow things, or want to visit. My lunchtime overlaps with the end of the first lunch group and the beginning of the second, so having a full lunch with colleagues only happens on Tuesdays when we have early release at noon.  On Tuesdays all kids come 8:15-12:00
     At 4:00, my daughter picks me up, we run errands usually, grocery start, Costco, Target.  
Then home to make dinner, unless one of the kids has started it.  Nice that they are old enough to do this.
While dinner is cooking I usually, clean-up laundry, go through the mail, feed pets, check in with kids about homework and their day at school.  After dinner, the rest of my night is usually spent working on things for school, watching my husband tend to his garden while I sit and relax on the deck,, or hanging out with my daughter.  We have a few favorite TV shows we like to watch together.  I also try to get in some exercise, I was taking Zumba four nights a week, but it got to be too much for me.
Around 10:30 I usually head off to bed, set the alarm and sleep...
     So that is how my day goes.  As for the shoes, well I teach kindergarten and it is all about the shoes in kindergarten.  At least once a day one of the little girls, and sometimes even the boys will say "I like your shoes"   I took a picture of just some of the shoes I wear.  Maybe during the winter I'll hare by boot collection, and as for my flip, flop collection, well just use your imagination..  Here are just a few of my favorites.  Now after taking that picture of of all my boxes, I know what Ill be doing today, re-orgaanzing and getting my husband to add that second shelf for more shoes.


Mrs. Shelton said...

So do you kind-of have 1/2 day kindergarten? I've never heard of it done that way with some coming, then all together, and some leaving??? We used to have 1/2 day kinder with an am group who eat breafkast and then they leave and a pm group comes and eats lunch and stays until the end of the day. We have had full day for 8 years now and I love it! :) So wish I could go to Target daily..it's a 20 minute drive to a nearby town. I know my hubby is glad we don't! Thanks for sharing!

Kindergarten Korner

Tiffani said...

Sarah, that is actually what my schedule has been for the last two years. this year we will have all day kindergarten because we are going back to modified class size reduction. Instead of 32- which is why we had the split day, we will have no more than 24. We will go 8:10-1:50. Not sure how my day will be structured with recess and lunch schedules. I do know that I will be able to now do art, P.E. and more social development time- which they need so desperatly.

Mrs. Lindsey said...

Oh my, I don't know how you know which way is up with the way they come and go!

Lovin’ Kindergarten