Insect Lore Caterpillars

It's that time of year when classrooms across the United States are observing the life cycle of the butterfly. Thanks to Insect Lore, my class has been mezmerized by these tiny little creatures crawling about their clear cup.  They arrived last Friday during lunch time, so only my late kids got to see how tiny they were. By Monday, they had doubled in size.  We started out our morning watching them crawl around.  I angled the Elmo projecor so I could display them for all to see.  My class sat on the carpet for about 10 minutes just watching and commenting on them.  They were certain that the little guys would make their chrysalis right there.   I can't wait to see how big they will be tomorrow.  Hopefully I will be able to capture some video of them moving about.  The little guy at the top was super animated this morning.


School Sparks Renee said...

We watched the life cycle of a butterfly in my pre-k class and it's a favorite activity for the kids and the teachers!!

Tiffani said...

My kids beg me to put them under the Elmo to see them. I love watching them change.