My Teacher Bag

I have an obsession with bags- it is right up there with plastic containers/tubs , purses (there is a difference between purses and bags),  and boots.  I love my bags so much that I even became a Thirty-One Gifts consultant.  I'm joining the Clutter Free Classroom Linky Party and showing off my teacher bags- and their contents.  If you read to the end of this post- you can see my special offer and get 31% off your purchase .

My Everyday Bag- it is the Cindy Tote from ThirtyOne Gifts.  I love how much it holds- plus it is super stylish.

 Here is what is in my bag today- plan book, some laminating I need to cut out for tomorrows math stations,  workbook to look through, Ziplock bag with a few Centers for tomorrow nights Kindergarten Open House, white tag and blue yarn for bookmarks for tomorrow night,  scissors- for the laminating and a calculator- (not sure why that is in there).  Just realized I don't even have a pen in my bag or chocolate.
 My lunch tote, also from Thirty-One, holds my coffee tumbler from Starbucks, and my lunch.  It wouldn't have been my first choice, but it came with my consultant kit and it gets the job done.
 My other everyday bag, I have a few of these in different patterns, one for Zumba, one for the beach and this one for work or scrapbooking tools.   I love how it hold so much with all the outside pockets
 This is the large utility tote- yes, from Thirty-One-- embarrassed to say it is till holding Valentine's stuff.

So if you love my bags and want one you can go to my website and order one or two for yourself.- they make great gifts too, especially for student teachers.  Thrity-One is also offering a 31% discount when you spend $31.  AND... for every $20 you spend I'll give you $5 worth of product from my Teacher's Notebook Store.


Anonymous said...

I love Thirty-One but I have yet to buy a bag from them! I just can't make up my mind!! :)

Libby said...

Awe man, I love your Cindy Tote! I can't get another purse, I can't get another bag......
Dual Kinder Teacher

Christie Strayer (Thirty-One Gifts Consultant) said...

I love Thirty-One! I'm a consultant as well!

Great post Tiffani!

Best regards,
Christie Strayer

Gladys said...

I LOVE both bags! The tote..seems so big and's perfect for a teacher! Now I want one...hmmm early birthday present to myself? Perhaps!:)


Kimberlee Fulbright said...

Had I not just (last week) purchased my 2 bags, I would have jumped on this deal you are offering :( The prints I purchased were retired prints, so I had to get those off of ebay. Thanks for sharing:)

Two Fulbright Hugs
Teacher Timesavers