S is for Snowman

Tomorrow will be our first day back after winter break.  Although we have been having beautiful, sunny but cold weather here in Northern California, I will begin my Winter Theme that includes Snowman and Penguins.  We will be reading lots of different books about snowmen and penguins.  We will start with one of my favorites- The Jacket I Wear in the Snow.  We will also be starting word families.  This poem is perfect for introducing the -at family.

S is for snowman 

S is for snowman 

Round and fat. 

Sitting outside, 

Wearing a hat.
I brought him inside, 

And sat him on the mat. 

And before very long, 

The snowman was flat.
Here are a few other poems and songs we will be using too.
Snowman Song:
(Tune:  I'm a Little Teapot)
I'm a little snowman, 

round and fat. 

Here are my mittens, 

Here is my hat.
When the sun comes out 

I melt away. 

See you next year 

On a snowy day. 

The Chubby Snowman
A chubby little snowman 

Had a carrot nose. 

Along came a bunny, 

And what do you suppose?
That hungry little bunny, 

Looking for his lunch, 

Ate that snowman's carrot 

Nibble, nibble, crunch.


Jeannie said...

cute poems! You have a terrific site here! I am so glad I found it and I am your newest follower!
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Unknown said...

Thanks for the cute poems! :)
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SC Teacher 28 said...

I use these same poems during my winter unit. Thanks for sharing!

Joni@ kinderkidsfun.blogspot.com

Freckleteacher said...

Thanks for the poems Tiffani! I have never herad the first one. Cute!

Tiffani said...

Jeanie, welcome and thanks for following.

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