Numbers and Dots

Last week we worked on counting objects to 10.  One of our activities used our bingo markers and index cards.  I gave each student  a set of index cards pre-programmed with numbers 1-5. Then they stamped the correct amount of dots onto each card.  After stamping I had them shuffle their cards, then lay them out in order beginning with number 1.  For those who were able to do this without any problems.  I added numbers 6-10.  This was quick and easy and very telling of who still news practice on numeral recognition and/or 1-to-1 counting.

Now it is your turn- share your ideas with me.  


Kerri Buckner said...

Love this idea. Now I just need some bingo markers. Thanks for sharing. I'll be using this on Friday when I do some number centers.

Unknown said...

Fun! Yesterday I had the kids use stickers to show the numbers... took a bit too long, but they had so much fun. They would get this done super-fast :)

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