My "Crate" Storage Seat

After seeing all the cute storage crates on Pinterest- I had to have one six.  Of course they had to be red and I found this fabulous oilcloth at Joann's.  I used my coupon to offset the price.  I didn't buy the foam at Joann's too pricey.  Instead I went next door to Target and bought a twin egg crate for $14.99.  It was big enough to make 10 crates.

  • 6 crates from Walmart
  • Alphabet oil Cloth from Joann's
  • Wood 1-inch plywood cut by the nice guys at Home Depot $4 (take a crate with you)
  • Adhesive I didn't have spray adhesive so I used Alene's Tacky Glue (I already had it)  Just around the ends and in the middle to hold while you staple.
  • Staple gun and hammer.  I had to hammer my staples in a bit 
  1. Roll out foam and lay boards on top.  I traced with a sharpie.
  2. Cut foam then glue to the plywood.  I left the smooth side up, glued bumpy side.  Let dry
  3. Lay onto wrong side of cut fabric- I left about 4 inches all around.  
  4. Fold up long sides and staple, then staple the ends like you'd wrap a gift.  Easier with two people, but I did it myself.
  5. You can wrap and staple ribbon around the center for a handle or not- I chose not to.  They pop out easily enough for me.
Utitlity Fabic-Oil Canvas Back Fabric
Come in cotton fabric too

They also have matching handprint fabrics
Oil Canvas
Cotton Fabric
Important Supplies
The cut plywood and foam waiting for glue to dry

Pull tight and stap


Red File Storage Crate
Isn't it cute!


Jennifer said...

I just, like 4 minutes ago, posted on my blog the seats I made!!! Aren't they awesome!! I love your fabric too!!!

Stacy Johnson said...

Very cute idea!! Next time you go to Home Depot, take a letter on your school's letterhead with any donations you need and how it will be used and they do it for FREE! Call your local Home Depot manager with questions. I have some HD donated items on my blog.


Amanda Kendall said...

Your seats look great. I have seen them everywhere, but I haven't been brave enough to try. Perhaps I will get some courage tomorrow and try my hand at crafting. Thanks for the inspiration. ~Amanda @ The Teaching Thief

Victoria said...

FABULOUS job! - Victoria

Anonymous said...

I just bought my supplies today! Can't wait to put mine together tomorrow.

Kelli Garrett Allen said...

Love them! Can't wait to make sure for my kiddos.Thanks for sharing.

Pam and Jess said...

It looks great. I love the fabric you chose. I really have to do this. I was thinking they would make cute seats for the puppet theater and then the puppets could go inside!
Pam@Kindergarten Night Owls

mjroch said...

Did you know that you can cut up an old pillow and save yourself the 14.99 for the stuffing. It works great! One pillow made 4 crates!

Tiffani said...

Thanks everyne- I just added the links to the fabric i used. I also order some of th matching fabric in the handprint print and used a 50% off coupon. Sometimes it will let you use a coupon even if it is on sale they just apply the coupon o the original price.

For those who haven't made them and are nervous. this was so easy, just go slow, measure twice, cut one.

Anonymous said...

Adorable! A coworker and I plan on making these this week for our classrooms! Pinterest = loads of great ideas that are making my classroom way cuter than ever this year.

Peterson's Primary Peeps said...

Aw I love this. Thank you for sharing! Check out the giveaway over at my blog

Rachelle said...

Do you know how much fabric you needed to make 6 crates? More than a yard? Thanks!