My Dialy Schedule

Gowing Kinders is having a Linky Party to share our daily schedule.  The daily schedule is something I've struggled with.  Trying to fit it all in with such a choppy day is hard.  LAst year, I was new-again to kindergarten.  The team has been together for a long time... (they were there 11 years ago, when I left Kindergarten).  This is what it looked like last year.We have early late kindergarten groups, except on Tuesdays when all kids come 8:15-12:00

8:15-9:30 1/2 the class (16 kids) for math and language arts centers, phonics instruction, writing, handwriting (Fridays we have choice time)
9:30 Late group arrive... Calendar, weather, pledge, attendance
9:45-10:30 Snack Recess.  I HATE THIS PART  too long and the late kids just got there.  Next year it will be changed.  recess will be 9:30-10:00  Late kids will arrive at 10:00 so they won't have snack/recess. 
10:30-11:45  Story, whole class instruction, science, social studies, 2nd step, art, more math and language arts.
11:45 Late group goes to lunch- early group gets ready to go home- complete chaos
12:00-12:45 My lunch time
12:45-2:00 Repeat of what the early group did
2:00-3:15 Teacher prep and planning time.

Next year my schedule will be the same except for the arrival of the late group and the recess.  I will be doing my math and literacy stations during the small groups, I think it will be more manageable.  I tried centers with all 30 kids, but it was soooo loud and I just couldn't get to all the kids.. 

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Kathleen said...

Wow - that sounds really challenging! A late group and an early group? Is that your districts version of 1/2 day kindergarten? They need to jump on the bandwagon and start all day every day k!! I can see your planning and scheduling would be very chaotic and confusing! Thanks for linking up!

Ms. Wold said...

Yikes! That is a really challenging schedule.

Tiffani said...

It isn't such a bad schedule because it allows for small group time with only half the class. We used to have class sized reduction only 20 kids, but now we have on average 30. I like being able to have that time to focus on small groups. I found that centers are more manageable with 15 kids then with 30. Last year I just hated the super long recess. This year it will be different