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Joining the Linky party.
I love technology, unfortunatlly my school is technology deprived. Last year I wrote a grant and received an Elmo, it is by far the best teaching tool I have ever had. my second favorite piece of technology is my Phonic Ear Sound Field System. I of corse use my digital camera and my Droid to capture pictures and video. For open house I create a DVD slide show with all our photos. At the end of the year each student receives a copy of the DVD. I just completed a grant request for a Smartboard, wish me luck


Jena Snowden said...

Good luck with the SMARTboard! If that doesn't work out, there is mimio interactive. That is what I have in my classroom. I think that it is cheaper than a SMARTboard or Promethean. Thanks for joining the linky party!

1st Grade with Miss Snowden

Kim said...

Good luck! I have an active slate (they are a lot less) and I love it. It changed my teaching!