Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thankful Turkeys and Kindergarten Writing

It is our turn to decorate the office bulletin board, so I decided to use our Thankful Turkey creativity.  Yesterday we created the Turkey part and today we completed the writing.  We brainstormed what we were thankful.  Some of their answers made me a little sad- I'm thankful for my bed, I'm thankful for food.  I of course had the I'm thankful for my toys, Xbox and iPad.  However, we discussed why we should be thankful for these things, and that there are other things more important to be thankful for.  This year, I feel like my class really got the point I was trying to make  Although they are only 5 years old, many understood how lucky they were to have their very own bedroom, or their own bed. Some of our families sleep all in one room as there are multiple families in one household.  I also loved the answers of I'm thankful for my school and my teacher.
Thankful turkeys, kindergarten writing
Thankful turkeys, kindergarten writing
Thankful turkeys, kindergarten writing
Thankful turkeys, kindergarten writing
You can get the pattern here from my TpT Store.

I've also been working on writing this week during literacy center time.  Each day I work with a small group.  I'm teaching them how to locate words on our word wall and how to use our thematic word wall chart.
writing center, kindergarten journals, kindergarten writing
kindergarten journals, kindergarten writing
kindergarten journals, kindergarten writing
I think they did fairly well being that it is only November.  We still need to work on illustrations, but for some this is quite an improvement.

Lastly, Our district got together today for a little bowling tournement  Our school swept the awards with Best Costumes
Lowest Bowling Score by a Single Bowler
& Best Form
I work with the Best People!!!


Rose said...

I am wondering if the writing is the students copying words or they wrote this on their own. Both are impressive.

Leslie atKindergartenWorks said...

Your turkeys are so adorable - their hats just make the project!

Tiffani Mugurussa said...

Hi Rose, thanks for the question. For the Thankful Turkeys, they used a class generated word wall. For the Journals, the sight words they did on their own or found on the word wall and the food words were from our November Word Wall. I walked them through the journal using a sentence frame of I like to eat--- and --- for Thanksgiving. All the words were available on our word walls except for eat, which I gave them.

Rose said...

Awesome! Thanks for responding. You are really getting some great work from those little guys :)

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