Teaching and Fostering Random Acts of Kindness During the December Holidays

Spread some kindness in your classroom this holiday season with the 12 Days of Kindness.

Teach kindness in the classroom during the month of December

The holiday season is here, and we have a great idea to bring kindness and positivity into your classroom. using the "12 Days of Kindness"! These activities are planned to help your students develop compassion, teamwork, and joy. These daily kindness prompts can have a meaningful impact in your classroom, and in your school and create lasting memories for you and your students.

This kindness activity is a December favorite in my classroom. It is simple to prep and requires very little set-up time.

How to use the 12 Days of Kindness

Print the prompts on colorful paper. The prompts are numbered out of order, in order to create a festive colorful Christmas light display.

12 acts of kindness for the classroom
Introducing the daily acts of kindness prompt to my students

Each morning during our morning Calendar time, I introduce the new prompt. After reading the prompt, students share ideas as to how to complete their daily kindness task. Once the kindness task has been given, I add it to our kindness display. I often place the kindness Christmas bulbs in our classroom window attaching them to some holiday garland. Display our kindness tasks in the window lets families and our school community know about our Kindness tasks.

classroom kindness December bulletin board

After a few days, my students are eager to see the new prompt and to share how they have completed the previous day's kindness task.

These daily kindness prompts can be Implemented seamlessly into your daily or holiday-themed lesson plans.

Books to Teach Kindness

The following list includes a few of my favorite books to read during our 12 Days of Kindness. {"As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.")

Elevate your classroom experience this holiday season by incorporating the "12 Days of Kindness Activities" teaching resource. Watch as your students embrace the true spirit of the holidays while cultivating a culture of kindness that extends beyond the classroom.

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12 days of kindness

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