15 Must Have Items to Keep in Your Classroom

As a teacher, our classroom often becomes our home away from home. It is important that we make sure to keep a stash of certain items at school in case of an emergency. When I say emergency, I don't mean emergencies like a flood or tornado, I talking about personal emergencies.

Must Have Items for Every Classroom Teacher

15 Must Have Items to Keep in Your Classroom

  1. Cell phone charger-Having a backup cell phone charger is a must. Many times I have forgotten to charge my phone at home.
  2. Extra pair of glasses/sunglasses- I can't tell you how many times I have broken my sunglasses over the years or misplaced my reading glasses. Now I keep both spares in my desk drawer.
  3. Spare change of clothes- Over the years I have been puked on and have been spilled on. This includes pants, a shirt, socks, undies, and a jacket/sweatshirt. I keep my school hoodie in my room at all times. 
  4. Extra pair of shoes- I keep a pair of flip-flops and an old pair of tennis shoes at school. I've stepped in things🤢, had a kid puke on my feet🤮, or wore shoes that hurt my feet by recess time👠.
  5. Personal hygiene items- hairbrush, hair ties/clip, hairspray, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, personal hygiene items. All of these are a must-have.
  6. Sewing kit- needles, thread, buttons. I keep the ones hotels give you just for this reason.
  7. Food-A can of soup or cup of noodles, granola bars, fruit snacks, bottled water, and coffee. Forgot your lunch, didn't have time for breakfast, or need to stay late, having food on hand is a must.
  8. Dishes-I keep an extra water bottle, coffee mug, paper plates, and plastic silverware (I save the ones that come from fast food places)
  9. Mini-Fridge- Our staff room is across campus. i like to keep my food in my room as well as keep my drinks cold.
  10. Microwave- Again staff room across campus and 2 microwaves which can get GROSS
  11. Keurig- Hello extra cup of coffee after recess.
  12. Tool Kit-go to your local Dollar Tree and grab a toolbox or plastic tub with a lid. In the hardware aisle get a screwdriver, hammer, zip-ties, nails, gloves, level, and anything else you think you could use at school.
  13. Nail Kit-nail glue, nail file. If you get your nails done, these are needed items at school.
  14. Laminator & laminating sheets- Every teacher needs a personal laminator in their classroom. Often I just need one or two pages laminated. This saves me so much time from having to walk to the big laminating machine and wait for it to warm up.
  15. Rechargeable batteries- I have a few items in my classroom that take batteries. Rechargeable batteries are perfect as I just need to recharge them as needed.
I have acquired many of these items over time. If you were to ask me what the most important items from this list of 15 Must-Have Items are, I would say numbers 1 through 5 are the most important items to keep at school.  

If you are a new teacher, these are the items you will want to start with, the rest can be added as time goes on. 

Storing Teacher Necessities. 

  • I keep the clothes and shoes in a backpack under my desk. 
  • Personal hygiene items are in a small bag in my bottom desk drawer.
  • The toolbox is under my sink. 
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