First Day of Kindergarten Made Easy: Back-to-School Lesson Plans and Activities for a Memorable Start!

Does the first day of school stress you out? Do you find it difficult to plan the first day because you are in professional development or trying to prepare your classroom after the summer cleaning? 
First Day of kindergarten

For years I struggled with what to do on the first day of school. One summer I put together a resource that would guide me through the first three days of school. Now, I can start the first day of school feeling refreshed and energized. I can now focus on all the other things I need to do to get ready for the first day. Knowing that my plans are complete I can enjoy that first week back to school.

What to do on the First Day of School?

This is what my First Day of school schedule looks like.
First Day of Kindergarten schedule of actiities

The day is centered around, play, work, getting to know each other, and implementing school and classroom procedures. It is vitally important to start teaching classroom and school expectations from the first day of school. 

Children learn quickly and want to follow expectations. We practice procedures such as lining up and walking together as well as coming to the carpet and sitting appropriately.  You can read more about the classroom routines I teach from the start in this article, 8 Must Teach Classroom Routines

One of my favorite first-day-of-school activities is the First Day of School Portrait. I have my students complete monthly portraits. It is great to see their artistic growth as the year progresses. Just look at these two first day of school self-portraits. One can tell a lot about a student by looking at their drawings.
First day of kindergarten self portraits

Here are some of the other activities, lesson plans, procedure posters and forms that are included in the 3 days of plans
first day of kindergarten lesson plansfirst day of kindergarten lesson plans
first day of kindergarten expectationsfirst day of kindergarten worksheets
first day of kindergarten signsfirst day of kindergarten certificates
first day of kindergarten plans
This resource will save you valuable time by providing comprehensive first-day lesson plans and activities specifically designed for kindergarten students. Instead of spending hours creating lesson plans from scratch, you can simply download and implement the ready-to-use materials.
First Day of kindergarten Lesson Plans and Ativities
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first week of kindergarten

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