5 Engaging Winter Center Sensory Ideas for Kindergarten

Coming back from winter break can be hard for everyone. The kids are out of routine and the teachers are as well.  When it comes to classroom centers in the new year, shake things up a bit. Add some pizzazz and engaging manipulatives to make center time inviting.

winter sensory bin fillers and ideas for kindergarten

You don't have to go big or go home. I'm talking about adding little bits of fun to your classroom literacy and math centers for January.  

My 5 Favorite items to add to winter centers

  1. cotton balls
  2. plastic ice cubes
  3. fake snowballs
  4. shredded paper
  5. water beads

Cotten Balls

Cotten balls are inexpensive. They are soft and fluffy and easy to clean up. I like to place the cotton balls in a container and then put the center cards mixed in. Students pull out the cards and complete the center activity.  White pompom balls could be used as well, but cotton balls are more cost-effective.

winter sensory bin fillers cotton balls

Plastic Ice Cubes

These plastic ice cubes are fun. Students love to build with them, so why not add them to a center. You can turn any regular center into a sensory bin.

winter sensory bin fillers

Fake Snowballs

These pretend snowballs are so much fun.  They can be used in a winter center bin or used for a fun indoor recess activity. Think snowball fight.

winter sensory bin ideas fake snowballs

Shredded Paper

This is an easy center bin filler to make. Just grab some copy paper and a shredder. To jazz it up a bin, throw in some leftover Christmas tinsel for some sparkles.

winter sensory centers

Water Beads

Water beads are always a fun sensory bin filler. The kids love the texture of the beads and the fun colors.  

water beads for winter kindergarten centers

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Winter Centers

Now, if you need some winter centers- don't worry, I've got everything you need to make learning in January fun and engaging. You can find all of my Winter Resources Here

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