Kindergarten Writing Prompts

Do your students struggle with writing? Perhaps they need help from the use of writing prompts and word banks. 

writing prompts for kindergarten

Over the years, I have found that my students produce better quality writing when they have a prompt and a few words to help them create their sentences. 

I still use journal writing to help my students develop as a writer, but I have found that using these writing prompt pages truly help my students with the overall writing process.

Why These Writing Prompts Work

These pages have word banks that relate to the topic.  No longer are students wandering about the classroom to find the word they need from an anchor chart.  Students are no longer raising their hands to ask you how to spell words.  The words they need for their writing are right on the page.

Writing prompts for kindergarten

Many times, my students will want to use all the words, this means they are writing more. It is a win-win.

What Are the Benefits of Writing Prompts in Kindergarten

Using writing prompts in kindergarten has several benefits.  Both the students and the teacher benefit from using writing prompts.  Teachers no longer have to think of a prompt.  Students will be able to write with ease using the writing prompt.

Using writing prompts in kindergarten allows students the opportunity to practice handwriting and basic writing skills on a daily basis. The word banks provided allow students to expand their vocabulary while not having to worry about how to spell these specific words.  The word banks are especially helpful for ELD students.

Writing prompts encourage imagination and creativity in your young writers.  Writing prompts also allow your students to make real-world connections. Often students can't wait to share all about their pet or their trip someplace.  

As a teacher, I truly enjoy watching my kindergarten students become writers.  They start out at the beginning of the school year, often not even capable of writing their name.  By the end of the school year, my kindergarten students are writers.  They are authors.

You can find this resource of Nonfiction Writing Prompts on TpT

You may also like this writing prompt checklist. It is easy to teach students how to use it.

Writing checklist for primary students

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Writing prompts for kindergarten

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