Why You Should Use a Sound Wall in the Classroom for Phonological Awareness

Move over Word Wall, Sound Walls are ready to take your place. Have you heard about Sound Walls?  I'm ditching my word wall this year for a sound wall.  My kindergartners were never really good at using a word wall.  After spending time learning about Sound Walls and the Science of Reading.  I now know why word walls never really worked.

Sound Walks in kindergarten-Science of Reading

A sound wall does the work of matching our articulation of speech sounds/phonemes to the letters/graphemes that represent those sounds.

I am excited this year to try a Sound Wall with my class.  Using a sound wall just makes so much more sense to me now.  My students will be able to find the letters to spell words by using the sounds they hear and the way their tongue and mouth form, to make the sounds.

sound wall SOR
For my students writing folders, I will be adding these individual sound walls. They include consonant sounds and the vowel valley.

To help my kids learn about how their mouths work to form the sounds, I purchased small mirrors from Amazon.  These are the mirrors.

I'm also going to use these alphabet books this year with my class.  My students can practice letter search, letter writing. formation and beginning reading skills.

SOR books Science of Reading
sound walls and vowel valley
If you want to read more about Sound Walls, Reading Rockets has a great description. So, what are your thought, are you ready to ditch your word wall and try a sound wall? 
Sound walls in kindergarten

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