3 Easy Tech Tools for the Classroom Teacher

Teaching virtually during the pandemic forced me to use several online technology resources. I will continue to use these online tech tools in the upcoming school year. 

After teaching virtually for over a year, I have found several technology tools I just can't live without. 

Technology for the classroom

First up is Seesaw.  If you haven't tried Seesaw, you need to.  This tech app allowed me to give my students much of the same work at home, that they would have had in person. I will continue to use Seesaw this school year. Last year I created many Seesaw resources for my students, I will use them in a tech center this year. As a bonus, if we do need to go remote again this year, my students will already be familiar with the platform.  Do you want to try Seesaw?  If you use my special code you can get an extra Premium month of Seesaw for Free. 

Seesaw Learning for kindergarten
Next up is  Boom Learning.  I began using Boom Learning in the Spring of 2020.  It was literally all I used to get me through the end of the school year. My students loved the immediate feedback when using the online application.  Last year I created many thematic Boom Card decks.  I will be using these this year with my class. You can join for  FREE or try several of their different levels for usage.  I personally pay the $35 yearly fee so that I can collect the data on my student's performance.

For home-to-school communication, I use ClassTag.  Creating a positive relationship with each of my families is something I always strive for at the beginning of each new school year.  For the past three years, I've been using ClassTag to do just that. 

ClassTag is a remarkable app that allows communication between home and school.  Using ClassTag, I can send reminders and updates to parents easily.  The parent can choose to have the message sent to their cell phone, which makes receiving the messages even easier.

What Can You Do With ClassTag?

  • Hold parent-teacher conferences on ClassTag with Google Meet 
  • Sync your Google Calendar with ClassTag events Use ClassTag quick links for shortcuts to important G
  • Use ClassTag quick links for shortcuts to important G-Suite tools 
  • Upload YouTube videos directly to your ClassTag feed
  • Store and exchange important files with Google Drive and ClassTag’s Student Backpacks 
  • Engage parents right from your Google Classroom! 
Want to give ClasssTag a try? It's Free.  ClassTag

What are some of your favorite online Tech resources you can't live without?

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