Desk Pets | A Great Classroom Motivator for Positive Student Behavior

I don't do furry friends in the classroom, but Desk Pets are the perfect classroom friend.  I love animals, just not in the classroom.  Desk Pets are the next best thing to a classroom pet.  The best thing about having Desk Pets in a classroom is that the teacher doesn't have to remember to feed them or worry about who will be taking care of the class pet during vacations.
desk pets for classroom motivation and managment

What Are Desk Pets?

Desk pets are miniature erasers shaped like animals.  These nonfurry friends made their debut on TikTok thanks to Marissa Begay.  Since then, teachers have adapted the idea to meet the needs of their own classrooms.  Teachers are using Desk Pet erasers to motivate students and foster positive classroom behavior.

Classroom management with Desk Pets

Where to Buy Desk Pets

Thanks to the Target Dollar Spot and Amazon, the actual erasers used for Desk Pets are easy to find. Many teachers have been lucky enough to find their adorable animal erasers at Target.  I found mine on Amazon.  There are many options to choose from, but these are the ones I am using.  

Desk Pet Homes

For the desk pets' individual homes, I purchased plastic food storage containers from Dollar Tree.  I created backgrounds to fit inside the containers.  Students earn Desk Pet Dollars that they can use to purchase backgrounds for their pets or food.  I found my mini food erasers online at Target.
You can find more Desk Pet items in my Amazon Store for Desk Pets.

How to Use Desk Pets

Each day when students arrive, they may get their pet out and play with it until it is time for class to start.  If a student is having difficulty paying attention, following directions, or is caught playing with their pet instead of working, their pet must go to Desk Pet Daycare. So far only one pet has had to go to Desk Pet Daycare.
Desk Pets are a fun way to responsibility and positive behavior into your classroom.

Desk Pets for Behavior Management

Currently, my students are earning their Desk Pet Dollars to be used in our Pet Store.  They are enjoying their pets and creating their individual homes.  When we leave for summer break, my students will be able to take home their pets and the habitat they have created.  

Want to start your own Desk Pet store and behavior management system?  You can find my resource here on TpT.
Desk Pets start resource found on TeacherspayTeachers

Use Desk Pets for a fun way to manage classroom behavior

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Charlie G. said...

What kinds of things are in the pet supplies box? How do you keep this going all year long without crowding of to many things in the pets tank?