Snowy Day Sensory Bin Activities for Kindergarten

Happy New Year!!!  It's January and that means we are finally in my favorite month for all things WINTER!!!  I always kick off January by reading my Favorite Book The Snowy Day.

Snowy Day-Ezra Jack Keats Freebie

If this is a book you read then, you might be interested in this FREE Resource I have to go with it. It even includes a template for Peter so you can make some fun winter snow scenes from the book like we did here.

the Snowy Day Ezra Jack Keats Free Resources

Ideas for Snowy Day Centers

Creating snow-themed centers for the classroom is very simple.   All you need is a little imagination.  Placing the center pieces such as sight word cards inside tubs for students to dig through fake snow, makes it more thematic and gives your centers that "winter" feel.

What can I use for fake snow in my classroom?
  • Large white pompoms
  • Cotton Balls
  • Shredded white paper
  • Crumples up white copy paper
  • Cut up white felt into strips
  • White pony beads
  • White play-doh-Hide letter beads or magnetic letters
  • Polystyrene balls
  • Fake snow (but it is messy)
  • Rice- color it blue for fun
What can I put in these Sensory Bins
In my bins, I put the cards to the centers my students are using.  If it is a sight word center, then I put the sight word cards in and then they have to dig through.
Winter Sensory Bins
You can also put magnetic letters, letter tiles, or letter beads.  If it is a math center, Perhaps put pattern blocks, math shapes, or even measuring cups or scoops.  It all depends on what the purpose of the center is.  

You also do not need to have every classroom center be a sensory center.  Even just having one can make that center be all that more special.

The above picture is from my Hello Winter Literacy Centers

Winter Literacy Centers for Kindergarten

Below are items you can use to fill your bins- The bins can be plastic tubs of any size right down to a pencil box for individual use.
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snowy day freebie activities

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