Seesaw and Distance Learning

Distance Learning with Seesaw
I've always wanted to try Seesaw, but never got around to it.  Then along came distance learning.  Distance learning forced my hand and Seesaw is my new best friend.  

3 things I Love about Seesaw

  • I can schedule assignments 
  • I can quickly see who has completed an assignments
  • There is a large community of Free assignments if I need one
Scheduling assignments is really easy.  The reason I like this feature is if I have a particular resource that I am using on specific days, I can schedule out the entire resource if I want to.  For example.  I know the order of the letters I teach and I want to use the resource below on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the two letters a weeks.  I would then just schedule those two letters from the resource on the days I plan to teach them.  
Seesaw learning phonemic awareness activities for kindergarten

The second reason I love Seesaw for distance learning so much, is the ability to see who has completed their work. With just one click I can quickly look for work completion. Then if I want I can select individual students to review the actual assignments.

If I am short on time, or if I don't have the type of assignment I would like to assign, there is a large community of free assignments.  Some are better than others, but I have found some really great ones. 

Seesaw offers so much creativity for my students,  Each week my students are to complete a reading assignment.  I love to hear them read. With a large class of 26, it is too hard to listen to all of them during our class time together.  Seesaw lets me listen to all of them.

The art component of Seesaw allows my creative students to express their creativity.  After reading Rainbow Fish my students colored in their own version of Rainbow Fish.  These made a beautiful slide show for back-to-school night while parents were waiting for me to begin. These were completed the first week of using Seesaw.  If you would like to try this activity with your students, just click the picture below and add it to your Seesaw library.

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To help my students with their fine motor skills I did purchase these Stylus from Amazon.  My kids love them and their penmanship has improved so much. 

Do you want to try Seesaw?  If you use my special code below You can get an extra Premium month of Seesaw for Free. 
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Did I mention you can also upload your PDF files- that's right!!! if you have a favorite resource that you use, you can adapt it to Seesaw.   You can upload the pdf file, then delete the pages you do not want to use.  I prefer to make a copy of my resource and delete the pages before I upload, it saves me time, but either way works.

Seesaw Activities in my TpT store

October Seesaw Activities for Kindergarten

Letter Naming Fluency digital activity Seesaw Learning

Alphabet Activities for Seesaw Learning preloaded- just click and assign

Seesaw app for asynchronous learning

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