Diverse Book for the Classroom

I love books, if you were to see my classroom library you would understand.   My Amazon cart is always full of books.  As a teacher I have always tried to bring multicultural literature into my classroom.  
Diverse Books for the classroom

In college, I took a class on multicultural literacy.  In this class, I learned how important it was to have a variety of books that represented all students, even if they weren't in my class.  Where I teach, the majority of my students are Latino.  We have a few students at each grade level who are black, asian and white.  Occasionally we will have students who are from other cultures, but this is the demographics of where I work.  

Given what has happened recently, I know many teachers are now trying to do better.  One way is by influencing our students through literature.  Use picture books that portray characters of color in a positive way. Today I thought I'd just share with you some of my favorite books I have collected over the years and a few new ones I have found recently. 

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I have curated quite a large list of books in my Amazon Store if you would like to browse for more.  I am also listening to White Fragility through Audible.  I signed up up for the Free 30 day trial through Amazon Prime.  I like listening to books while I work.
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diverse books for the classroom

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