The Best 25 Teacher Hacks for Primary Teachers.

As a teacher we are always looking for the best teacher hacks. We are looking for ways to work smarter not harder.  Over the years, I have learned many.  Some I've come up with on my own, others I've learned from teacher friends.
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I've compiled my favorite into a list of the Best 25 Teacher Hacks for Primary Teachers.  Some of these you might know, some you may have know but forgotten and others, you might think- now why didn't I think of that.

 1.    Absent Folder- Keep an While you were absent folder When a student is absent place the folder at their seat- put all assignment in the folder- at the end of the day- put the work in their cubby.

2.    Baby Wipes- Keep baby wipes in the fridge.  They make for a great cool down after a hot day outside at recess.

3.    Book hospital- instead of kids handing you torn or broken books- they can put the book in a basket for repair.

4.    Command hooks -place on the back of chairs for students to hang their pencil pouch of supplies.

5.    Crayon Storage- Use a soap box for crayons or a snack box from the dollar tree.

6.    Desks- Ziptie the legs together so they don't move around.

7.    Don’t Bug Me-Wear a hat, tiara or keep a light on for students to know when it is "Not OK" to bother you. You might need this when you are assessing a student or during a small group time.

8.    Extra Lids-Keep a basket for extra glue stick lids and dry erase marker lids.

9.    Glue sponges- use these instead of glue stick- save so much money

10. Hand Sanitizer-Put a rubber band around the top of the hand-sanitizer bottle this helps it dispense just the right amount.

11. Labels-Print multiple class lists of labels to put on notebooks, folders and anything that needs their names.

12. Laminator Hack- Flatten artwork by running through a personal laminator. doesn't need to be in a laminator pouch, work the same for center pieces.

13. Lost and Found- Keep a basket for lost supplies and other class items so students can place them there instead of handing them to you.

14. Magic trash- Tell the kids during clean up you see a piece of “Magic Trash they will clean up the person who finds it gets a prize- or whatever you see fit”

15. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser- takes of Sharpies, crayons and dry erase marker off almost any surface

16. Name tags-Put their lunch ID number on their name tag so they have it when they go through the lunch line.

17. New Student- Make kits of new student items ahead of time so when you get a new student you already have it prepared.

18. Paint-When using paint, put a plastic baggie in the paint cup, then toss the baggie.
when done.  If you need to use the paint the next day, you can zip the bag closed. without it drying out.

19. Removing Sharpie-Dry erase marker to remove sharpies, magic eraser, rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer also work.

20. Supply Bins-Velcro supply bins to tables.

21. Trash Bins- Use small containers as mini trash bins to tables for paper scraps.

22. Walls-Use hot glue on cinder block walls to make things stick.

23. Work Files-Teach kids to file their own work when finished so you don't have to.

24. Workbooks- Duct tape a piece of ribbon to the back side to use a bookmark this makes it easy for students to find their pages.

25. Workbooks- If students have more than one use colored dots on the covers or colored tape on the spines to tell them which color book you want them to use.

 If you have ideas to share drop me comment I'm always on the lookout for more tips and teacher hacks. 

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