Wood Slice Snowman Ornament Parent Gift

Do you need a quick an easy parent gift?  Every year I struggle with coming up with a parent gift for my students to make.  This year, we are making these wood slice snowman ornaments.  These are inexpensive and easy to make with small children.

snowman ornament parent gift easy
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Below are different options for wood slices.
    Supplies Needed:
    Wood Slices (See Above)
    White acrylic Craft paint  (Bought at Michaels)
    Craft foam sponge Brush (Bought at Michaels)
    Orange Sharpie Paint Marker  (Bought at Michaels)
    Black Sharpie or Paint Marker  (Bought at Michaels)
  1. Paint one side of the wood with white paint and let it dry. I wrote the name of each student on the backside before they painted.
  2. Using the black marker make two dots for eyes
  3. Use the orange paint marker for the nose
  4. Make the mouth with the black marker- making 6 small dots.
  5. Once the orange paint has dried.  Have students paint the backside white, then sign their name and year.
The wood slices come with the twine for stringing to hang as well.  Everything you need for a class set is less then $25.00

 Have a great week.

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