Sit Spots A Classroom Management Tool and More

Do you struggle with classroom management basics?  Is lining up difficult for your students?  Do you find it difficult for your students to find their space on the carpet?  If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then Sitspots just might be what you are looking for. SitSpots is a great innovative classroom management tool.   SitSpots were created by a teacher for teachers, so they really do work. They are the original too, don't be fooled by the copy cat big names.  Joyce, the founder of this company has been working with teachers to create the best products possible.  I met Joyce many years ago at ITeach K and have been using her products since 2013.
Make lining up a breeze with SitSpots.  No more pushing and shoving or running to be first in line UIs SitSpots

Here is how I use SitSpots in my classroom.  I currently am using the number spots as a line-up strip.  Every student in my class has a designated number.  No fighting on which number they are to stand on.  This also helps to know who is missing in line and helps my littles learn numbers too.  Each week we have a new line leader.  That person stands on a sight word.  What a great way to get that sight word practice in.

I also have the Alphabet letter Spots.  At the beginning of the year, I scattered them about the classroom and played a game similar to musical chairs.  Students walked around the letters, then when the music stops, I'd call a letter.  If they were on that letter then they had to say "I'm on letter ______ ".  The kids love this game.  I like this version because everyone gets to keep playing.
Packs - Alphabet SitSpots

I also have the sight words.  They are scattered about the room.  I am currently using them as standing spots where students wait in line.  I love these because I often hear the kids say "No, you need to wait your turn and stand on the and".
Sight Word Circle Pack (Fry List 1)

If you think these are something you can use click on over to the SitSpots store, they have so many different kinds to choose from.  If you aren't sure if they will work with your carpet, you can request a sample spot too.

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