The Best Resources for Apple Week in Kindergarten

I live in a beautiful part of California where we are fortunate enough to have apple orchards.  Each year I collect several types of apples and study them with my class. 

I have collected some of my favorite apple videos, and apple books that you can share with your students. along with links to my past apple blog post of apple crafts, activities and resources.
Apple videos, books, crafts and resources for kindergarten


This is a free craft in my TpT store.  This apple craft is perfect for working on fine motor skills.  This torn paper apple looks so cute hangign up when students finish it.  
Fine motor torn paper apple Free Download


I also make applesauce with my students. If you want to read about how I do this you can all about it here Easy and Fun Apple Activities and Crafts


The following contains Amazon Affiliate Links- by clicking on these links you will be directed to amazon.  

Each year I seem to add a few more books to my collection.  I just ordered Applesauce Day.  I can't wait for it to arrive.  


Apple flip book for kindergarten and first gradeApple lerning flip bookAll about apples activity    apple activity for kindergarten- parts of an apple

favorite apples pocket chart graph
apple classroom display poster for parts of an apple
Apple Activities
Apple Investigation and Exploration in Kindergarten
apple lifecycle headband
apple headband for apple unit


Way Up High in the Apple Tree
Planting an Apple Tree
Apple Tree Life Cycle Animation
Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed Reading Fluency

I hope you find these resources helpful to start your apple unit. 


Tech IT Solutions said...

These are some really great and informative videos for kids. I will definitely share this with some parents I know who would love to show these videos to their kids.

Tarynmoto said...

Thank you so much for putting these videos together! I spent a lot of time searching the other day until I finally gave up...thanks to you I’m good again :)