Homework Folders for Home to School Communication

Home-to-school communication is vital, especially in kindergarten.  Establishing that connection between home and school in the early years is so important. As a kindergarten teacher, I feel it is my duty to hook those parents and real them in.

Studnet take home folders for school to home communication.  Build the communication lines between school and home early on .  Start in kindergarten with the take home communication homework folder

Take-home folders are one of the best ways to communicate with parents.  If parents know to look in their child's folder for important school and classroom information, chances are they will.  This will save you a lot of time having to answer emails, phone calls, or being stopped by a parent right before the bell. 


My back to school take-home/homework folders are jam-packed with everything a kindergarten parent needs to help their child be successful.  I put a lot of time and energy into these folders because I want my students and families to use these folders.  I want my students to be proud of them, and they are.

Every take-home folder has a personalized label for the front.  Inside is a pencil pouch to hold their flash cards. All of the resource reference pages follow. Some of the pages include:
  • shapes and colors
  • sight words
  • handwriting

personalized homework folder labels
kindergarten take home folder resource pageskindergarten take home folder resource pageskindergarten take home folder resource pageskindergarten take home folder resource folder


I use the basic 3-prong poly folders found at Target or Walmart. I buy the plastic sheet protectors at Costco.  This year I was smart and bought a double set- Now I can prepare at the end of the next school year and have them all ready to go before school is even over.  

home to school folders for parent communication

You can find these home-school communication folders in my TpT store. Just click the image or link above.

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I also have reading bags that I send home as part of our home-to-school family involvement.  Want to read more about these Take Home Reader Bags

Homework for the Homework Folders

I use the same homework resource for the entire school year.  you can get a sample of it for free.
Download kindergarten homework for free

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