Teachers Don't Have Summers Off

As a teacher it does get tiring hearing that phrase "oh it must be nice having the summers off"  Yes , it is nice, but I really don't have my summers free.  Sure I do sleep in past that 5:30 alarm clock.  It is nice to sleep till 8:00 or even dare I say maybe 8:45 AM but, my summers aren't spent watching Days of Our Lives, eating Bon Bons and lounging in my pajamas.  My summers are spent working.
The best teacher supplies on Amazon at the best prices

I spend a portion of my summer prepping for the upcoming school year, I may do this in my pajamas while I watch HGTV- I do like me some Fixer Upper.  But, the point is I'm working.  I am printing, laminating, cutting, organizing, prepping and planning for the next school year.

To do all of this I need supplies.  Thank goodness for Amazon Prime.  I don't know how I lived without it.  They had everything I needed to help me get ready for the school year.

I was in need of lamination and cardstock and Amazon had both.  I've looked other places and couldn't find it any place else for a better price. They have so many different colors of cardstock available.

While I was shopping, I also added some more storage bins to my cart.  The Sterelite Clip boxes are my favorite. I have 36 large ones that hold my centers and math program.  Then I have have a variety of smaller ones that hold manipulatives and such.  I may have bought a dozen more. These prices are the best.  I know as I have been buying them for years. Here is what my organization looks like.  I have an old wooden mail sorter that I keep them in.
kindergarten classroom organization using Sterilite clip boxes and a wooden mail sorter
At the end of the school year I also made a list of supplies I would need to stock up on for the next school year.  So, I ordered those too. magnetic tape was one that I always need.  This stuff I really like.  It works great to hold pieces to my white board.  I have even put it on things that are laminated and they still stay up.
Sharpies was another item on my list.  I like to have a variety of colors.  It has been a few years since I have bought colored sharpies and the ones I have now have dried out.

Although I have listed my paper cutter below.  I did not buy this today.  I actually bought it in September, but thought I would add it incase some of my readers are in the market for a new one.  It took a while to get used to the paper guide, but I like how it cuts.  The blade is sharp.

Please note that affiliate links are listed below. Any money I make from these links goes directly back to my classroom.

This last item I'm sharing becasue it is an AMAZING deal.   You get 6 of these cases if you need storage for centers. I used to use these when I scrapbooked.  They are sturdy and are bigger than the clip boxes.  Seriously, I think I need to go back and order these too. Who knows how long this price will last!!!

I'll admit it is dangerous to just be able to click and shop, but I love the convenience of it and the prices rarely can be beat.  I'll be back with more Amazon steals and deals before school starts.  Don't work too hard.  I may go try to enjoy the pool, if the husband is done mowing the lawn.

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Maryann said...

Hi Tiffani!
I hope you are able to enjoy your time off with your family! It (summer time)seems to go too fast. At this time I am getting ready for BTS soon in August! I have already purchased your homework fluency packets for letter ID, Number ID, sight words, sounds and non sense words. I have been following you through the years and have a couple of ?s to ask - Do you send home the letter ID papers for homework in a folder and keep them in the same folder? Also, for your classroom library, do you store your books by themes and what kind of container do you have your books in? I have been using the Dollar tree store bins and would like to change. Thank you again for your help! I still am looking for the handprint table material you used for book bags!
Take care and thanks,