End of the Year Clean Up Time

It's that time of year when teachers are cleaning up their classrooms, packing up and saying so long kids. Many teachers, like me, like to get a jump on next year.
end of year classroom cleaning, the best tools to get the job done

What does that mean, it means cleaning all the dirt and grime off of everything that has accumulated over the last nine months of school.  How do those crayon containers manage to get that dirty?  Have you ever wiped the edge of a table? Let's talk dust- isn't it amazing how much dust accumulates over the course of a school year on your desk? How is that even possible with all the things piled on it as a protective layer.  Yuck?

So the big question is where do you begin?  My first reaction is to close the door and run screaming,  because seriously I have way too much stuff.  My second gut reaction is to pull the fire alarm or pray the maybe it will all just vanish becasue the cleaning fairy will have come- that really did happen one time-  not the fire alarm, but the cleaning fairy. It was Open House and a parent came in to help me clean things up and wipe things down.  #loveher.  I've tried to keep those areas clean since then.

So back to where do we start.  Pick one area and work on it until you are satisfied with it.  Don't move about the room working in different spots.  This will cause you to just make big messes in all areas. This is my to do list for the summer, some of which I have already completed

  • Organize class library: Add new books- take out old ones, add labels to missing books (done)
  • Organize math program into containers (done)
  • Organize Literacy program into binders (done)
  • Go through math shelves-purge math centers no longer use
  • Go through file cabinet-purge
  • Craft drawers- purge the unused items
  • Housekeeping/dress-up downsize items
  • Teacher manuals resource books purge
As I work I use my tables; one is the donation table, one is the dumpster table and one is to give to someone or someplace specific.   Once the area is clean, I wipe it out with a disinfectant wipe.  Then I put the items I'm keeping back and admire my work.   

So that takes care of the inside of my classroom clutter, but then there are the items that the kids use that need to be REALLY cleaned, like the table caddies , the scissors and other containers.  People are always asking how to get crayon off, even our custodian was saying he couldn't get it off my floor, then I showed him the Mr. Clean magic eraser- and like Magic- it erased the crayon.  The dishwasher will not melt the crayon off of your containers.  It may disinfect them, but they will still LOOK dirty.  I soak mine for about five minutes in hot soapy water.  Really that isn't even necessary, but might as well get the washing party started.  Then I wet the eraser and start wiping away the crayon- rinse and wipe more if necessary.

Scissors, glue tubs and even glue sponges have all been washed in the dishwasher and are all waiting back at school.  Glue sponges I did wring out in hot soapy water a few times by hand first just to get all of the glue out before running through the dishwasher.  My chair pockets came off the last week of school, were washed and they too are back at school.  When I return in August.  I won't have to clean anything, and I didn't have to bring it home for the summer.  I did it all the last week.

So what tools do you really need to clean your room

Mr. Clean Erasers

  • containers
  • dry erase boards
  • floors
  • walls
  • helps to remove label residue 


  • mirrors
  • window

Kids and Pets (find it at Walmart in the cleaning section

Goo Gone and a Scraper

  • remove labels
  • remove tape
Now it is your turn- Do you have some tips to share for cleaning your classroom at the end of the year?  I'd love to hear them.  I'm always on the lookout for anything that can save me time and keep my classroom clean in the process.

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