My Show and Tell Apron: An Apron that Teaches

Happy Monday, Today this post is all about something I just absolutely LOVE!!!! The person behind it is one of the most creative, talented and fabulous, people I have ever met. In 2012  I was lucky enough to meet Sandy Welch at the I Teach K conference in Las Vegas.  Sandy is the genius creator of the amazing Show and Tell Aprons.  After seeing these aprons, I just new I had to have one.  Of course I wanted it to match my classroom and Sandy was willing to accommodate my special request.
Show and Tell Teaching Apron:Show and Tell Aprons  are a must for every primary classroom.  These versatile aprons can be used in all curricular areas.  Once you start using your apron you'll wonder how you ever managed to teach without it.
I LOVE  my Show and Tell teaching apron. I use this apron all the time. At the beginning of the year, when I am introducing letter names and sounds, I can load the pockets with the letters and picture cards to quiz my kids as they enter the classroom.  As we move on to word families and CVC words, I have cards for these too.  For math I have cards for subitizing, number recognition, ten frames, base ten and tally marks.
Show and Tell Teaching Apron
The apron have 5 clear plastic pockets for the cards.  Under that there are two cloth pockets that can hold extra cards.
Show and Tell Teaching Apron
Here are a few more examples of how I use my apron
  • Password/Exit Ticket: as students enter or exit I quiz them
  • Walk-About Assessment: as I walk about I can quickly check-in with kids and assess
  • Story Retelling: the pockets are great for sequencing- 
  • Math: addition, subtraction, use for number bonds
  • Rhyming: which pictures rhyme
  • Sound segmenting/Word blending: 
  • Sight Word of the day: 
  • Mix up Sight Word: Great to mix up the spelling of a sight word and have students figure out the magic word.
Be sure to visit Sandy's Website to order your very own Show and Tell Apron.  There are some great videos there as well on other ways to use your apron.   

Now, to jump start your collection of cards, you can get your own set of Brown Bear Brown, Bear Story Retelling cards for Free from my TpT store 

Be sure to read how my other blogging buddies are using their Show and Tell Aprons in their classrooms too.  You will see why we all LOVE Sandy and her FABULOUS aprons.  Once you have one you will too.  

Want to see how my other blog friends are using their aprons, head over to Mrs. Wills Kindergarten and see for yourself.

P. S. If you already own one, please share how you use it.  

Have a great week.


KFUNdamentals said...

GREAT post about a GREAT apron and the lady behind them! :)
Thank you for all of the great info about how you use this apron too.

Carolyn Kisloski said...

Tiffani, this is such a wonderful post about sweet Sandy and her aprons! Don't you love how accommodating she is? OF COURSE she would match it to your classroom for you. We are all so lucky to know her! Meeting such wonderful people has been my very favorite part of blogging! I love your blog! :)

krazy4K said...

Tiffani love this! I'm getting new ideas with each post I read!!!

kinder-gardening said...

So grateful.Thank you, Tiffany for believing in the apron. Many hugs and I hope the kids love the apron!